The Fog of Sunrise

Photo by Krivec Ales on
I met you at the end of the dock,
Our meeting place for as long as I can remember,
Old friends, new lovers,
The fog rolled in on the lake in a pink and orange hue
That met the deep blacks and blues of night,
The white fog blended day and night and gave cover
To your feverish kissing of my neck,
I was overcome and gasped,

You gently looked me in the eyes,
You reassured me, and took hold of my hand
As you pulled me in deeper down into the fog,
We were shrouded in our own world that we built long ago,
Familiar yet foreign, something new,
something changing, something to build on,
As I felt you enter inside me, a sharp gasp exhaled this time,
And you kissed it away, and down my neck,
And my breasts, my torso, 
You were softly thrusting until 
You felt me relax, felt me moan an ecstasy,

I will never forget the wetness of the cloud 
That lowly hovered above us,
How it hugged and highlighted every curve of your body,
Or the cool sensation invigorating my skin as it passed over me
Nor the warmth your body leant me,
How we had to rely on each other for such a basic need,
And how it intensified our passion for each other,

I sit holding space in between your thighs
As you wrapped a blanket around us,
And we sipped coffee from a canister that you brought,
We watch the frisky ducks glide across the smoky glass
And dive for their breakfast,
As the sun fully rises, and the day starts,
And a new chapter begins

By Hyacinth Hale

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