Your Touch

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I crave your touch even when you are not around,

Your strength, your security, your warmth at night,
The teasing tandem of gentle roughness
As you vacillate back and forth, pushing and pulling,
Swaying my body to the primal rhythm of attraction,
Feeling for anything plump and pleasing to hold onto,

When you are away from me,
I want to feel your finger pads
Brush against my skin one more time,
You give me goose pimples on my flesh,
Each touch a delightful surprise,
Each second you stare at me waiting is torturous anticipation
Of the velvety softness that are your lips,
Wondering what body part they will kiss next,

I daydream of your touch in the silliest of places,
At work, as I’m doing dishes, in the grocery line,
Staring out a window, anywhere banal and lonely,
But the thought of your touch excites me, unnerves me,
Makes me flush pink, and curl my toes in my shoes,

I think of how your fingers trace the outline of my face,
And how they stimulate my nipples,
And dig into my waist as you pull me in close,
Thrusting your hips onto mine, thrusting deep inside me, slow and angled,
Letting your fingers take a stroll in my secret garden
As they twirl around with childlike enthusiasm,
Letting the intensity build, until there is no choice, it is too intense,
And you have to come to my rescue,

I want to feel your naked body pressed against mine,
Spooning me, caressing my curves with your muscles,
I want to feel your belly rise, and your belly fall,
To know you are near, to be so intertwined,
To not know where you start and I begin,
To feel something else of yours rise, and for my mouth to fall open,
First, in surprise and then, to move into position,
To show you just how special your touch is to me,

I am lost in your touch, and I am found in your touch,
You will never know what a reassuring squeeze means to me,
To be held in your arms, to nuzzle into your neck,
To know that you will hold me together
When everything else falls apart,
I only hope my touch does the same

~ By Hyacinth Hale